Project: Fiocco azzurro

To pursue the promotion of educational, sport and social activities together with healthcare and psychological support for the wellbeing of children under the age of 18,  the NPO “Associazione 0-18 Onlus” hereby affirms its commitment to intervene where disadvantaged children face difficulties in their physical and educational growth and/or where families meet economic problems to bring up their children.

To understand where intervention is needed, the association collaborates together with public associations and institutions, such as hospitals, schools and municipalities, which are well aware of the situation of disadvantaged families living in the nearby. We adapt our interventions according to each family’s needs.

Therefore, there might be cases where economic support is essential or where psychological support is required. We also give support to families in their practical life, such as giving advice on different administrative procedures to obtain subsidies. Whether our support is a temporary involvement or a long term commitment, we will involve our member in the project, devoting equal attention and making a concerted effort to accomplish the project regardless the problems and difficulties which may arise.

To carry on with our activities in the best way, the “Associazione 0-18 Onlus” will constantly maintain communication and contacts with other non profit organisations, local entities and local administrations where the family/child lives.   

The length of our intervention depends on the child/family needs. In case of a temporary need, the association will work to meet and overcome the temporary difficulties. On the other hand, in case of a permanent or long term need such as the acquisition of a specific equipment, a surgical intervention or many other situations, our association will work to acquire the necessary financial means to face the problem and will take the necessary steps to achieve the results.


Associazione 0 -18 ONLUS

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