Project: Musica insieme

“0-18 Onlus” is attentive to every aspect of children’s wellbeing, leisure activities included. We believe that music can play an important role in the education and growth of children. Together with the Junior High School “E. Galvaligi” we are promoting a project called “Musica Insieme”.

The aim of the project is to offer two-hour weekly lesson to all of the students interested and passionate with music. Lessons are taught by the same school professors and will be held in the classrooms, using the instruments and tools available at school.

Lessons are open to up to thirty students and will be focused on the performance of different compositors and music genres.

From October to December 2010 lessons (two-hour weekly lesson for a total of 16 hours) will be focused on the Christmas traditions and songs. A final performance will be held during the Christmas Party and Open Day of the school.

From February to June 2011 lessons (two-hour weekly lesson for a total of 16 hours) will be focused on the preparation of the end of the school year party. Moreover, at the end of both periods “0-18 Onlus” will select two external events where the group can perform.  


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