Project: Ospedale dolce casa "Formare alla vita"

Project to reorganize the whole building of Cirie Hospital, Paediatric Branch

Since early December 2010, the Paediatric Branch, the Day Hospital, the Emergency Hopsital for Children and the Short Intensive Care Branch for Children have moved to the second floor of Cirie Hospital.

Thanks to the “0-18 Onlus” project, Ospedale Dolce Casa, we could create a brighter, more colourful, better equipped paediatric branch, were children can enjoy their hospitalization within a familiar environment and with their families.

Illness and health, pain and sickness are integral part of life. And it is essential to provide cure not only for the physical illness but also for the psychological aspect of such an illness. “Ospedale Dolce Casa” has been by this idea, the idea to build a hospital according to children’s needs.

We will support recreational activities such as “clown therapy” and other initiatives to keep the children active in different activities, from educational programs to manual activities. We will closely collaborate with local administrations and organizations such as the Assessorato alla Cultura of Cirie, under the project “Born to read”, and the Association “I sogni nel cassetto”, Fiano (TO) under the project “School-hospital”.

We will also encourage professionals operating in the hospital to attend courses, seminars and other educational and learning activities to learn hoe to exploit new equipment, broaden their professional background and acquire new competencies. A continuous and reviewed learning process is fundamental to improve hospitals capabilities and potentialities, as it is through a well trained and conscious doctor that hospitals acquire reliability and prestige. This is why a constant process of studying, learning and practice is extremely important.

Thanks to this project, doctors and nurses of Cirie Hospital will be able to take part in regional, national and international seminars and courses such as the six-month Master in Newborn Practices at the Clinica Mangiagalli of Milan.

A prompt, proper and timely intervention to newborn children can really make a difference for children’s health and future life. Some hospitals do not have the required equipment to make such a prompt intervention and the transfer to a better equipped hospital usually requires time and sometimes results in more acute pain and severe consequences for the newborn’s health and wellness. In these cases, an incubator which is transportable would represent the best solution and the appropriate equipment to save lives, time and avoid more serious consequences for a newborn’s health.   

In Cirie Paediatric Branch, what is missing is the CPAP (continuous Positive Airway Pressure) equipment. This equipment allows newborn babies affected by acute bronchitis to breathe without intubation. Again, another equipment which is missing is a paediatric spirometer to discover allergies and to provide an immediate examination thus avoiding long waiting lists in other hospitals.

To purchase the abovementioned equipment and other necessary instruments in order to transform Cirie Paediatric Branch into well-equipped and efficient hospital, we forecast a total amount of 50.000 euro for a two-year period, 2011-2012  


Associazione 0 -18 ONLUS

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